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Friday October 23rd, 2015 was an historic walk into nature’s hall of fame for Africa and many around the world who will be touched by the ripples of a landmark event which took at the Legendary Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Edo State Nigeria. It was an investiture ceremony and epochal in its kind to honor a man that has changed the world in streams too difficult to be encapsulated in vocal steams or lyrical strings.

The President of the Believers Love World Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy, Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome {D.Sc, D.D},donated the sum of One Billion Naira to Benson Idahosa University to upgrade their Faculty of Engineering.

Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome made this donation, it was made at a Special convocation ceremony of the Benson Idahosa University where he was conferred the Award of Doctor of Divinity.

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Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome, who announced the donation during his speech, also explained the rationale behind his donation. According to him, the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, having greatly influenced his life and ministry, it was only natural for him to feel the need to do same for the Youths.

“The Archbishop Benson Idahosa was one of the most remarkable and inspiring personalities of the 20th Century. It is a fact of life that those who did not have the privilege to meet him are blessed to meet him through many of us.

“The impact of the archbishop on me as an individual is unquantifiable. Many times, people would ask me why I talk about the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa more than anybody.          “It will surprise you to know that as a young man, I was working with the Archbishop in the mail room in the Church of God Mission in Benin City.

“I was blessed to have worked with the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. While working with him, I had the blessing and benefit of seeing the archbishop pass by my table every day to his office,” Reverend Dr Chris Oyakhilome said.

Commending Pastor Chris for his strides in the Christendom, the vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Ernest B. Izevbigie, said:

“A prophet is without honor in his own home but we have decided to honor you and let the world see that you are honored even in your own home.”
He then called on well-meaning Nigerians who have the resources to support institutions of learning in the country as they are organizations committed to the development of the best potentials in Nigeria.


A competition was organized by Benson Idahosa University in respect of the 100level students popularly known as the freshers.the basketball and football field where full to the brim, comprising of students and some of Biu staff. It was a beautiful sight to behold as the atmosphere was filled with happiness and beautiful smiles as they all displayed their talents in the field of sports.

There was a lot to eat and drink, the game of chess was not left out in the competition,the match was between the 100level students and the 200level students. The event which kicked off by 7am and ended by 10am.


According to, Mrs. Eunice Adebayo, the coordinator for sport in Benson idahosa university, she spoke on the purpose of organizing this program; hear her “the competition for the 100level; that is the fresh man Olympics it was the vision of the president to see that the students are fully involved in sports, so a certain time is been given to them when they resume school as fresh men to all participate in various sports to create fun for them, which started on the 24th of September 2015 and ended on the 25th.

And on the 25th of September, the inter- level football and basketball competition kicked off, with the 100level at the top of their game.

In our interview with her she spoke on the purpose; which was to create fun for them and to also keep men and women out of crimes and negatives behaviours. As this platform is the only way you can keep the percentage of the student outside together. At least 30% of the students are outside to witness the event. She also noted that sport is a ministry, and that students should embrace it.

According to Pastor Alex osagie, the assistant director of student affairs SLD, biu intend to encourage such competitions in years to come by; offering scholarships to outstanding students in each level of sport, and of course promoting sports by going international. As a lot of talent was seen during this competition. It was brought to our knowledge that so many of our students are going international as they are representing the school and Nigeria in other international games. About 19 students where picked to represent the school.

Speaking to obose Sunday, a 400level English student and also the captain of the basketball team, while speaking he said this is the second edition for the first man Olympics, he draws his inspiration from his team as the court is never empty and the unity that bounds them together both within and outside the court.



BensonIdahosaIt was a day to remember as the students, staff and management of Benson Idahosa University, celebrates the remembrance of late Archbishop Benson idahosa, popularly known as the mission conference.

Archbishop Benson idahosa was born on the 11th September 1938, in Benin city, Nigeria and died 12th march 1998. The mission conference is a week that is set aside to remember the exit of a great icon, televangelist, and father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. He was called PAPA by his followers and was a charismatic Pentecostal preacher and founder of the church of God mission international with head quarters in Benin city.Benin-City-20150311-02457While speaking, Archbishop Margaret idahosa gave a brief speech adding that the celebration was a vision coined by her. she said that instead of calling the celebration a memorial service, she decided to call it mission celebration, its also a way of uniting the different cultures, countries and ethnic groups around the globe, as they where all present with their various flags.


Shock is the first reaction one can experience when realizing the extent a boy can go for a girl.  They call it love, but as sweet as that sounds, it is still unbelievable that the male species could risk so much for the opposite sex.

biu gate In Benson Idahosa University, things are no different. The news hit fast around campus that a 400 level law student attempted to write an exam paper for a 100 level Business Admin female student. After having their plan all figured out, the boy was convinced and determined on writing the paper for her.

However, as fate would have it, the invigilator of the paper turned out to be one of the lecturers who happened to have taught the boy in 300 level.  She recognized him immediately, called him by name and questioned him on why he was having a paper meant for Business Admin 100 level students. The invigilator called the attention of other invigilators to the scene, providing evidence with unreasonable doubt that the boy who was in a higher level and another department all together was attempting to write the paper.

Being put on the spotlight, he had no choice but to admit to his attempted offence and now stands the chance of suspension and possible expulsion.



UNIPORT1 They say you never know what you’ve got good until its gone. Sadly, the students of the University of Port Harcourt had to learn this in the most unimaginable way Possible. They were greatly befuddled after hearing the tragic news of  the death of a male student with the resumption of a new semester.  It was said that the student got hit by a car shortly after New Year celebrations before he could get to school. Beginning the New Year with the loss of a student was an unfortunate incident that no one expected.

The aura of sadness and worry had the school tightly enveloped and this resulted in the need and demand of a Peace Protest by the students. Last week, the students had all gathered and expressed their grief and complaint, demonstrating their sorrow and discomfort of losing a student with fear of losing another.

They demanded a change.

They demanded confirmation of protection.

They believed that there was a possibility of a kind of something or a force holding them from a successful profiting semester. For these students, things needed to change for a better, safer school life.

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unn gate On Friday, 23rd January 2015, felicitations echoed within the walls of The University of Nigeria as the school celebrated yet another heart warming convocation ceremony for their recent graduates.

After the brief but inspirational speeches and congratulatory statements had been given, the graduates were more than eager to leave the hall and spend the rest of the day with their beloved friends and family, taking photographs and making memories for posterity.

The school echoed with joyful songs and laughter as the graduates enjoyed what was to be their last ceremony together in the school before they took that next big step ahead.



The engineering department of Ambrose Ali University,AAU is making headlines with the wonderful production of a home made, brand new car by her students. About 30 final year students from the engineering department came together on their project work and made this future step they called “Esckallante”. The students who have worked tirelessly and hard on this, spent over 1.2million naira to make this a success. Schools across Nigeria can’t stop talking about this great stride that have been taken.


A lecturer of Kogi State University, KSU, Anyigba, Associate Professor Justice Olurotimi Otitolaye, has been murdered by suspected cult members. The lecturer was said to have been apprehended at Stadium Road, near the campus on Friday night, on his way to a supermarket and was taken to an unknown destination by the suspected cultists. His bullet-riddled body was discovered Sunday at Ejule, a town located 8 kilometres away from the school. According to report, the death of the lecturer may be connected with his war against malpractice in the school. Before his death, Professor Otitolaye, was a lecturer in Faculty of Agriculture in the Department of Agric Economics and Extension and, a former pre-degree director at the university.



On Monday Nov 24, 2014 students of the University of Jos embarked on a peaceful demonstration  strike against certain issues like increment of school fees by #10,000 and so on. Management met and issued a statement reassuring students and members of the University Community that some of the issues raised by the students were nothing but rumours that had no basis.  However, certain steps were taken to address all the grievances including the shifting of the Second Semester Examinations with one week and the setting up of a Committee to look at the other issues.

This morning, Tuesday Nov 25, 2014 students mobilized themselves again and blocked the Bauchi Road Highway and set tyres on fire. In order to avoid further escalation of the situation, Management met this morning again and directed that the University should be closed down until further notice. Students are hereby directed to vacate the hostels on or before 2pm. Please ensure that this directive is strictly complied with, signed by Jilli-Dandam D. Esq. Registrar Unijos.


19277266652_AOCOEDlThe former Lagos State College of Education now known as  Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education Lagos, had embarked on her strike seven weeks ago over unpaid allowances and compensations to its staffs by the state government for over 18months. However, activities had shut down at the school premises, effort to call off the strike by the student unions and other able forum had proved futile as the staffs insist  that until the state government put measure in place to meet their target, the striking action will continue until  further notice.

The students and concerned others are hereby calling on the Lagos State Government to give ear to the staffs concerns and restore peace to AOCOED.